Author Box

Author box Shortcode:

Displays author of current post, page, CPT. Ability to select specific author. Shortcode is flexible and full of settings.

[ author_box ]

Shortcode with parameters:

[author_box cat_limit='3' show_count='0' aut_ava='on' aut_name='on' aut_country='on' aut_social='twitter,google,facebook' ]

Shortcode settings:

'post_type'             =>   'post',                     // Any post type like "portfolio", "event", "testimonial", "slideshow". Defoult is "post".
'cat_limit'             =>   '',                         // Max number of categories to list.
'show_count'            =>   '1',                        // Show category posts count.Intager '0' - disable or '1' - enable.
'aut_id'                =>   '',                         // Set an integer, author id='25'.
'aut_ava'               =>   'on',                       // "on" or "off" to disable author avatar.
'aut_name'              =>   'on',                       // "on" or "off" to disable author name.
'aut_country'           =>   '',                         // "on" or "off" to disable author country.
'aut_slogan'            =>   'on',                       // "on" or "off" to disable author slogan.
'aut_posts'             =>   '',                         // "on" or "off" to disable. Show author posts count.
'aut_descr'             =>   '',                         // "on" or "off" to disable author description.
'aut_social'            =>   'twitter,google,facebook',  // Should be a name like 'pinterest' or string of terms separated by comma. Fill the corresponding fields in author profile first.
'extra_class'           =>   '',                         // Enter extra class for custom styling. Prepared CSS classes: 'art-author-box', 'fashion-author-box', 'night-author-box'.
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